Iyengar Yoga and Therapies

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Aromatherapy massage is a relaxing therapeutic treatment, combining the healing properties of essential oils from aromatic plants and trees, with massage.  

A treatment can help to release physical, mental and emotional stress and is beneficial for a wide range of individuals and problems.

The deep relaxation that aromatherapy massage offers regulates the breathing process, helping the nervous and hormonal systems to return the body to its ideal state, known as ‘homeostasis’.

Wendy has found aromatherapy massage to be a real tonic to the system, helping digestive problems, aiding peaceful sleep, easing aches and pains, increasing vitality and boosting the immune system.  Wendy also has a background in Remedial Massage where she treats skeletal injuries, ongoing back issues and generally tense muscles.



Special interest:  remedial massage, back issues, stress, women's cycles, expectant mothers.



Daytime and evenings by appointment



£35 - £55 3/4hr - 1 1/2hr      treatment.